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RJG & Associates is a full service, Summit County general contracting firm which has been maintaining the highest quality work since 1987. Having successfully implemented many commercial and residential construction projects, we look forward to working with you to accomplish your project goals. Please contact us to arrange a personal consultation about your project.

We will tailor your project to meet your requirements. We use our detailed knowledge of local government design & construction rules to facilitate project completion and avoid problems.

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About RJG Associates
About RJG Associates

RJG knows our team is the key to success

Our management team is highly experienced in residential and commercial construction. RJG is also our customers’ eyes and ears on site. Making sure our customers are receiving the highest level of quality, on time, and on budget project is always the priority.

We facilitate communication among the owner, architect, engineer and contractor by working closely with all these individuals. This communication is essential assuring that your project is successful.

Our success is based on our relationships

RJG has always based success on our relationships with customers. Our customer relationships are based on trust. Our clients’ projects are quite often dealing with a major investment. We believe that through this trust we can build lifelong relationships and repeat customers.

About RJG Associates